La Doria

La Doria is situated in the commune of San Cristoforo, three kilometers from Gavi. The vineyards are located on the left bank of the Lemme torrent, a viticultural ecosystem that, thanks to the alluvial nature of the soil and the favorable microclimate, allows to get a Gavi docg of constant quality and intense perfumes.
The history of the Gavi district and of its wine was tied until the 19th century to the fortunes of Genoa. The Gavi is therefore a border wine, Piedmontese but with Ligurian roots, appreciated by the Greats in history, from Charles 5th to Napoleon.
The Doria Marquises owned estates near Gavi, where the Cortese wine was produced, as it results from a letter sent by a farmer to the Marquis in 1659: “we are planting everywhere Cortese grapes…” In 1659 75% of the wine production of this area was from white berry vines.
Still in 1782 the Doria Marquis wrote to the farmer to arrange for shipping the Cortese wine to Rome (that at the time was in another state) and to America with the first available vessel, “since the dry wine stands well travelling by sea”.